Zo vang je Legendarische Pokemon in Pokemon Go!


Zo vang je Legendarische Pokemon in Pokemon Go!

Eerst versla je de Pokemon in een legendary raid, waarna je de kans krijgen om hem te vangen. Hiervoor heb je een legendary raid-ticket nodig, waarvan het onduidelijk is hoe deze verkrijgbaar zal zijn. Reguliere raid tickets worden eenmaal per dag gratis weggegeven.

Daar zijn we achter gekomen door data miners die je kan vinden via deze link: KLIK HIER
Ze hebben ook nog het volgende gevonden (in het Engels)


1. Battle Teams?

A new construct has appeared in the codebase called a Battle Team. Trying not to get too hyped, but this appears to be the much-requested ability to pre-store a battle team(s)! The following attributes give us cause to get excited:

  • LastUsedTeam – likely referring to the 6 Pokemon selected in the previous battle
  • TeamNameMaxLength– …is this the ability to name battle teams? (!)
  • BATTLE_TEAM_PREFERENCE_KEY– Perhaps the ‘preferred’ or ‘favorite’ team?

Now, this is highly speculative until the Gym update turns on – at which point it will be obvious to all! But in the moments before it goes live, this does appear to point to pre-selectable battle teams, travelers.

2. Battle Networking Update

This doesn’t appear to be a major upgrade, but there are several updates revolving around remote network calls during battle. Keep an eye out travelers, and see if you can notice what may have changed!

3. Max Total Deployed Pokemon Limit

Once again, this is speculative, but it appears there is a new limit in the code (whether active or inactive at this point has yet to be seen) called:


While this limit may simply be in place to prevent a player deploying multiple Pokemon at the same Gym, we believe it may be more than that. Notably all 3* of these exist as distinct limits:

  • MaxPlayerDeployedPokemon
  • MaxTotalDeployedPokemon
  • MaxSamePokemonAtFort

This points to a new limit on the total number of Pokemon a player can actively deploy in any Gym (fort). We’ll have to wait and see if this is the case, but this may be a very high limit designed to restrict spoofers/bot networks from deploying in high numbers of Gyms in the new system!

4. Legendary Battles

It’s here, travelers. Official references to legendary Pokemon have appeared in the APK!

We see them in a few places. Namely, in the player stats:

  • NumLegendaryBattleWon
  • NumLegendaryBattleTotal

and in the Item Types, where we find a Legendary Raid Ticket, a badge for ‘Legendary Battles Won’ and a deployment error called ERROR_LEGENDARY_POKEMON.

So, altogether now, here’s what we think we know:

Legendaries will be encountered in Raid situations (either at events, or under special circumstances isn’t clear). They will require a ‘Legendary Raid Ticket’ item to enter the legendary raid.

We currently believe you cannot deploy legendaries to defend Gyms. This is an interesting restriction that may help prevent a significant imbalance between botters/illegitimate players (who oft find ways to score rare Pokemon) with legitimate trainers. Not to mention it will significantly cut down the black market value for accounts with these legendary species. At any rate, if this is true, we expect we’ll be able to use them in offensive teams all the same. Which is all I want. 😀

5. ‘Healing Mode’ at the Gym

It appears that healing items (potions & revives) will be available to be applied at the Gym right before battle itself! So, no more need to go out to the main screen, select ‘Items’ and go through the whole dance to apply a potion before returning to the Gym. This is a very welcome time-saver, if so!

6. Berry Logistics

As has been mentioned and rumored from glimpses we’ve seen of the Motivation system, berries are about to become a bigger part of daily life.

Berries now have a new badge: BERRIES_FED

They contribute to your Gym Badge score, and now have their own tutorial!

Adding complexity to berries, we see the following error states:


This seems to point to combinations and cooldowns that have different requirements than we’re used to with berries. Good thing there’s a tutorial. 😉

7. Gym Badge Tiers

Gym badges appear to be able to be upgraded to the following tiers:

  • Vanilla
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

These are able to be upgraded according to their Gym badge score, which you appear to be able to increase through the following actions:

  • Winning defensive battles
  • Feeding Berries
  • Deploying Pokemon
  • Winning Raid battles
  • And possibly ‘losing all battles’ (Though we’re not sure why this is included. haha)

8. Raid Premier Ball Awards

In a Raid, you appear to be awarded more ‘Premier Balls’ based on a few factors. These include:

  • The base Pokeballs
  • Individual damage contribution
  • Team Damage contribution
  • Gym Ownership
  • The percentage of damage inflicted by your team
  • A ‘Bonus Item Multiplier’ (unclear at the time of publication)

9. Fancy Code to Display the 6 Gym Pokemon

A lot of code was added that apparently was designed to display the Gym’s defending team without a Snorlax blocking out the other Pokemon. This is a small thing, but it’s a very nice touch and some fancy code that makes Gyms look legit!

10. Inbox

The Inbox is about to get a whole lot more useful.

We see many different types of messages are now capable of generating a notice and appearing in the inbox (such as earning progress on Gym Badges, earning PokeCoins from defending Pokemon returning, etc).

11. Lobbies

The ‘Lobby’ is a new construct in use in the Raid mechanic. It’s the waiting room you will sit in before officially joining the Raid. Lobbies enable both public and private access – though private Raid lobbies are still largely lacking documentation. The following actions appear regarding lobbies:

  • JoinLobby
  • isPrivate
  • groupCode
  • suggestedGroupSize

Notably, there are also new errors, such as ERROR_NO_AVAILABLE_LOBBIES which seems to point to interesting cases where Raids are “full.” Time will tell!

The lobby system is very promising, and may add an additional social layer than we were expecting when it comes to Raids. We’ll be watching Lobbies particularly closely.

12. Gym Badge Map

This has appeared in leaked screenshots already, but its implementation has left a big imprint on the APK. We see new code that uses the S2 API, and ways to cluster and navigate the map to display where your Gym Badges are from.

Overall, this is an awesome feature that makes collecting Gym Badges infinitely more fun.

Notably, you can also now sort Gym badges by: Name, Defending, and Score

13. Push Notifications

Obviously, push notifications are coming with this update! We see notifications for the following:


14. Bonus Gym Loot

Code referencing the increased payouts at friendly gyms reference the following:

  • AwardedGymBadge
  • Loot
  • BonusLoot
  • RaidTickets
  • TeamBonusLoot

In one of the best mechanic changes in this update, it appears that there are multiple levels of ‘bonus loot’ that will be given at friendly Gyms – having a Gym badge and/or your team owning the gym will increase the payout!

15. Raid Levels

This is a largely unexplained feature at this point, travelers, but there are 5 “Raid Levels” appearing in the APK. We’ll have to wait and see what this entails!

Dat was hem!