10 Reasons why Miitomo is better than Facebook!

10 Reasons why Miitomo is better than Facebook!

10 Reasons why Miitomo is better than Facebook

Wait… What is Miitomo?

Miitomo is Nintendo’s first game for the mobile industry, it is available for both Android and iPhone and is free to play. Nintendo’s app is something that we haven’t seen before. It sits somewhere between a game and social media, claiming to ‘show your friends a side of you they have never seen before’. When released in Japan, it became the biggest selling app there surpassing Line with over 1 million downloads! Now, 3 days after the release it has more than 3 million downloads! But what makes Miitomo better than other social media, like Facebook!?

1: One like is one prayer!

No more the ‘share this if you love your brother/sister/mother/whatever’ posts on your wall. From now on it’s only you and your friends who post silly things


2: No nagging parents!

Why didn’t you send me lives on candy crush? Why did you like that page!? Why did you post that!? No more of that with Miitomo! Your parents have no control here!


3: Ads Ads Ads

Date people in your area! Please Facebook…. The only people I want to date are Miitomo users. Get out of here!


4: You’re sharing a side of you we’ve never seen before

Wow! I never dared to ask this on Facebook. Not sure if it’s the response I wanted though.


5: Your creativity has no boundaries.

Create your own propaganda campaign! Why not?

6: You can be very rude and people will lol

Ever tried commenting this on Facebook!? I thought not!

7: You can express yourself and earn coins!

It’s like someone asks you what you like to do most of the day and you’ve already earned 20 coins! Nobody rewarded me when I answer on Facebook! qzgtl8bdvg4uisr7yaal

8: Never feel left out again

Didn’t get that invite on Facebook to a party you wanted to go? No worries in Miitomo you can just randomly invite yourself over at your friend’s house! Ask him awkward questions and show him all the pictures you took!


9: No more the ‘get a decent profile picture’ struggle ever again

You’re a Mii! They’re always cute! Well… Most of the time


10: You can choose what voice your Mii gets!

Facebook posts are so dull… In Miitomo you can actually create the voice of your Mii! This is mine, it’s in Dutch but you get it anyway, right 🙂

PS: This is not how actual Dutch people talk….